Here's what our clients are saying:

“As always, you guys are the best.  Of all the carriers, brokers, etc. I do business with, none can hold a candle to the level of service provided by your group.  Thanks.”

John M.
Avon, CT



“I am a marketing guy at heart. I think McGowan’s ads might be the best in the industry!”


Scott B.
Texarkana, TX



“I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know what a gem we have in Heather. She is my personal life preserver.  We have bound countless accounts because of her sensitivity to our rush requests. She makes ALL of us look good with her speed and accuracy. She has made my day once again today with a rush request.  We have a producer going before a board tonight and because of Heather, we have the final coverage pieces (D & O, Umbrella & Crime) that were needed.  Thank you for assigning Heather to our office!  I think the world of her professionally and personally.  She is the BEST at what she does. Nancy and Nicole are also my heroes. They have all earned my respect.”

Kathy K.
Elk Grove Village, IL



“I sent an Application over to McGowan for a rush quote on a large Excess Auto operation at 4:00 in the afternoon.  They absolutely turned it around and had a quote for me the next morning and an outstanding quote at that!  The customer service I receive is far and beyond the best in the business.”


Amy L.
Shreveport, LA



“Joel is a leading expert in the field of insurance for community associations. I believe his expertise specifically with D&O insurance is hard to match. His knowledge of policy forms and language including claims management are unsurpassed. This can be expected given the fact that he is the author of several leading D&O contracts. Joel is also an outstanding teacher, and I owe him a great deal for the personal one-to-one time he has taken to educate me on the inter-workings of Directors & Officers insurance policies.”


Lamond W.
Salt Lake City, UT



“I cannot even begin to count the numerous times I have sent in an umbrella application on a commercial GC, pool management company, etc. and needed the quote in the same day or sometimes even in an hour or two, and you have always come through for me. You are always prompt to let me know if you can or cannot write the business which helps immensely. You make writing umbrella business easy!”


Candice S.
Chicago, IL



“You are the most responsive underwriter I know…always a pleasure doing business with you!”


Sherry C.
Chicago, IL



“Anytime I need your help you are very responsive.  If you can’t get something done, you let me know so I am not left wondering.  If I do ask for a favor you try to come through for me.  “You are the Best”!  I have mentioned to you before that I don’t even send my excess/umbrellas anywhere but to you because of your fantastic service.”


Debbie G.
San Antonio, TX



“We have worked with McGowan for several years and consider them a key partner in assisting our clients with their Umbrella Insurance requirements.”


Nancy W. & Bob L.
Houston, TX



“It is a pleasure doing business with The McGowan Companies. Neil and staff are friendly and professional and provide excellent service. They have very competitive pricing, great coverage, & a quick turnaround on quotes.  I can send Neil a submission at 3pm, and I will have a quote waiting for me when I get in the next morning. McGowan is my #1 go to market for restaurant Umbrella risks.”


Nicol R.
Westlake Village, CA



“In all my years as a wholesaler, I have never encountered a more Professional, Courteous, and Helpful group of Underwriters and Staff than those of McGowan.  Understanding and trying to accommodate my concerns has been a hallmark of the organization for as long as I have done business with them.”


Kevin O.
New York, NY



“Joel provides uncompromised value to me and my clients. His vast knowledge of Directors & Officers Liability is unprecedented in the insurance industry. I rely upon Joel’s expert advice and solid direction regarding the most complex of questions. He is always helpful and eager to assist. I consider Joel one of my strongest assets in the condominium business.”


John P.
Wilmington, MA



“You consistently have the best service of all of our underwriters. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we can count on a quick answer or a competitive quote from you. Thanks for what you do!”


Dan D.
Chicago, IL



“Their markets are strong, their products are comprehensive, and their service is impeccable. Why go anywhere else!”


Art W.
Hackettstown, NJ



“I really appreciate the quick turnaround McGowan Excess provides when Excess coverage is needed in a very short time frame. I submitted an account on October 31st for a concrete manufacturer for 4M limits and received the quote within 24 hours on November 1st.  McGowan Excess and Janet Blundi are one of my best “go to” markets whether it is a new business rush or a renewal, I can count on them for great service. Thanks McGowan Excess!”


Susan D.
Uniondale, NY



“My underwriter at McGowan Excess & Casualty is always so professional and helpful! When I am stumped, he is my go-to-guy! Doing business with McGowan Excess & Casualty is always such a pleasure!”


Melissa C.
Albuquerque, NM



“When I work with someone that is always professional, helpful, responsive with such kindness and even some humor to match mine; I feel they should be commended. Thank you for the quality of individuals you employ that makes my job easier due to their professionalism and service.”


Connie D.
Duluth, GA