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Our Companies

McGowan Program Administrators

McGowan Program Administrators

America's leading writer of innovative insurance programs. MPA is a Managing General Underwriter and Program Manager.

McGowan Excess Casualty

McGowan Excess & Casualty

MEC is a Program Manager and Specialized Insurance Broker that provides customized and innovative product solutions for a broad range of commercial customers.


McGowan, Donnelly & Oberheu, LLC

MDO is a wholesale insurance broker specializing in the placement of professional and management liability risks.

McGowan Governmental Underwriters

McGowan Governmental Underwriters

MGU is a leading insurance agency specializing in public entities and public scholastic niche.

McGowan Risk Specialists

McGowan Risk Specialists

MRS is the Wholesale brand of The McGowan Companies, with division focused on a particular line of coverage.

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In our Workplace Shooting Prevention & Protection Guide, you’ll learn how to: develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), train your employees, and protect against the worst-case scenario.

Sept 15, 2022

Contingent liability (also referred to as indirect liability or vicarious liability) is a debt or loss that may occur in the future for a business. There are several categories of contingent liabilities and rules that govern how they must be reported. Examples include lawsuits, investigations, and audits. Each presents a unique risk of loss. Essentially, contingent liability refers to “expected loss” and how to handle that loss financially….. [READ MORE]